Getting started with Alexander Wätzel

Capture One Tutorials

Watch these short tutorials on Capture One Pro 10 designed to help you get orientated with the interface and working on your images.

Getting started with Capture One

This short tutorial of Capture One Pro 10 is designed to help you to familiarise yourself with the interface, working on your images and learn about the two image management options categorisation through catalogue and sessions.

Performing Essential Adjustments

Learn how to use the basic tools in Capture One Pro 10 for image adjustment or creative effect. Covers the following tools - Exposure, White Balance, Levels, Curves, Clarity and Vignetting.

Exporting Images to Final Formats

Capture One has two methods for exporting to final formats (eg. JPEG,TIFF and more). Either via a simple 'Export' dialog, or through highly efficient Process Recipes. Learn how to use both.

Using Local Adjustments

Local Adjustments provide a powerful way to selectively adjust areas of the image, for correction or creative impact. Additionally learn how to dodge and burn in this simple tutorial.