Capture One x Marie Bärsch
編集の達人コンテンスト 参加方法
Marie Bärsch の RAW ファイルをダウンロード RAW ファイルのダウンロード
Capture One Pro 10 の無料試用版を入手する 30 日間の無料試用版を入手する
Capture One の編集とアップロード 画像のアップロード
グランプリ Capture One Pro を体験して獲得しよう:
Capture One Pro 10 ライセンス (アップグレード1回分$398込) Capture One エキスパートとの2時間マンツーマンクラス(レベル・目的別) ショートカット対応 Capture One キーボード(Mac 用)Capture One Pro を新しいユーザーとして学ぶための近道でこれまでのユーザーも効率アップ。 Phase One と Capture One のタグ付け公開インスタグラム プロフィール 当選者は5月29日に発表されます。
Thank you for your participation, the competition is now closed. The winner will be announced on May 29th
オリジナルの RAW 画像 写真: Marie Bärsch
今日のレタッチ 13 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Matthias Scheiber 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 12 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Tim Rogan 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 11 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Daniel Rothenberger 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 10 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Martin Hahn 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 9 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: George Brooks 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 8 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Morgan Hill-Murphy 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 7 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: David Shoubert 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 6 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Radu Sorin 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 5 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Federico Bedogni 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 4 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Wilson Ho 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 3 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Franklin Withers 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 2 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Teh Young-Sun 使用: Capture One Pro 10
今日のレタッチ 1 写真: Marie Bärsch 編集: Alexander Wätzel 使用: Capture One Pro 10
Terms & Conditions
How to participate

To participate, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Download the RAW image file from
2. Edit the image using Capture One Pro 10 (a trial can be downloaded on the website )
3. Upload the edited version of the image on the website (max weight 5mb). When submitting the edited image, you provide your full name and email address.

Phase One can at any time remove any submitted content if they find the content inappropriate.

Participants in the competition must be at least 18 years old. Employees at Phase One A/S may not participate in the competition.

The prize - The perfect Capture One Pro experience

After the competition has ended, the top 20 images will be carefully selected by Capture One Pro experts employed at Phase One, and the winner will be hand-picked by Marie Bärsch and Alexander Wätzel.

The winner will be announced May 29th, 2017 and will be contacted via the submitted email.

The grand prize:

• 1 x Capture One Pro 10 license including 1 upgrade (value $398)
• 1 x 2-hour 1-to-1 class with a Capture One expert, tailored to your level and needs
• 1 x Capture One Pro Keyboard (for Mac) with mapped shortcuts. A shortcut to learn Capture One Pro as a new user or enhance your productivity as an existing user.
• 1 x Instagram exposure with tag on Phase One and Capture One profiles


• You can only upload 1 image per day
• Images must be minimum 1900px wide
• Images must include all EXIF / Metadata
• When entering the editing competition, the entrant must agree to the Terms & Conditions

The competition runs from May 3rd - May 23rd, 2017 and the submissions closes May 23rd, 2017 at 23.59 CET.

By submitting and entering the competition, you allow Phase One to use all uploaded content for promotional purposes in relation to the competition and the winning image can be used for commercial purposes outside the competition.

The competition is hosted by Capture One Pro 10, a part of Phase One.

Phase One reserves the right, under reasonable circumstances, to cancel this competition at any time without thereby incurring any liability. These rules can be changed at any time without prior notice. Notice of any changes will be announced on Phase One’s official Facebook page (